Acima Credit Lease Agreement

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Acima does not automatically send invoices, either by email or physical mail. You can check your balance at any time by logging into your account on You can also contact our customer service at (801) 297-1920 and have them send a physical copy of your statement of account. Once you have been approved (you usually receive a decision in seconds), choose the desired goods from the dealer you applied for. Acima buys the items and rents them to you until you make all your rental payments or exercise one of these early purchase options: Kelli Godfather is the author and text writer who lives in Kansas City, although she is a Jersey girl in her heart. If she doesn`t write about personal finances and credit cards, she dives into the world of travel hacking. Their total rental sale amount is calculated on the basis of the cash price of the goods and the costs associated with leasing services. Please note that most countries require VAT on rents, which means that VAT applies to all payments. If you pay all the lease payments, you pay about double the price of the original property bill.

Yes, yes. If you would like to return the accommodation, call our customer service at 801.297.1982 and we will work with you to find the best option. Acima Credit is an alternative lender that provides point-of-sale financing for credit-to-account purchases of a variety of assets, including furniture, electronics, auto parts and equipment. This type of financing may be suitable for those with less perfect credit scores, but for others, there are cheaper financing opportunities such as private loans and even credit cards. Headquartered in Sandy, UT, the company was founded in 2013 as an innovative fintech start-up called Simple Finance, but changed its name to Acima. Acima`s rental-sale program (sometimes called rental sales) gives you the option to choose the goods you need and bring them home today. And you don`t have to pay a big down payment or a long-term commitment. The acima point-of-sale financing is a convenient option if you need to buy goods and you can`t afford to buy it directly, but you don`t have other financing means.