Aia Owner Consultant Agreement

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. . . . . . A232-2019, terms and conditions of the construction contract, site manager as consultant Edition . . . B161-2002 (formerly B611INT-2002), standard form of the agreement between the client and the advisor for use when the project is located outside the United States. C101-2018, Joint Venture Agreement for Professional Services G736-2009 (ex-G722CMa-1992), Project Application and Project Certificate for Payment, Construction Manager as Adviser Edition .

B102-2017, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect without a Predefined Scope of Architect`s Services B204-2007, Standard Form of Architect`s Services: Value Analysis, to be used where the owner employs a value analysis consultant . . . G612-2017, architect`s instructions part A . . G808-2017, list of projects and overview of design data . G715-2017, additional installation for ACORD insurance certificate 25 . . B107-2020, standard form of agreement between developer and architect builder for prototypes for a residential project of one or two families with limited architectural services . . . .

B509-2020, guide to the complementary conditions of the AIA B109-2020 document on use in G706-1994 condominium projects, Sworn statement of the contractor on the payment of debts and receivables A251-2007 (formerly A275ID-2003), Terms and conditions of the contract for furniture, furnishings and equipment B201-2017, Standard Form of Architect`s Services: Design and Construction Administration Contract Administration . A201-2017, terms and conditions of the construction contract . A151-2019, standard form of the agreement between owner and seller for furnishings, furnishings and equipment (FF-E). . G741-2015, modification order for a design construction project. . G808A-2001, construction classification spreadsheet . G710-2017, Architect`s Supplemental Instructions D101-1995, Building Area and Volume Calculation Methods B144-ARCH-CM-1993, Standard form of modification of the agreement between the owner and the architect, where the architect services construction management as a consultant for the owner A751-2019, invitation and guide for suppliers of offers of furniture, furniture and equipment (FF-D) C401-2017, standard form of agreement between architect and advisor G742C-2015 , application and certificate for payment for a construction design project, contractor variation. B305-1993 (formerly B431-1993), Architect`s statement. G705-2001 (formerly G805-2001), list of subcontractors . . E234-2019, Exhibition Sustainable Projects, Site Manager as Designer.

. E202-2008, Building Information Modeling Protocol Exhibit . AIA Document A521-2012, Uniform Location of Subject Matter G701S-2017, Change Order, Contractor Subcontractor-Variation C201-2015 (formerly G601-1994), Consultant Services, Land Survey . . A104-2017 (formerly A107-2007), standard form of abbreviated contract between owner and contractor. . B252-2019, Standard Form of Architect`s Services: Interior Design and Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment (FF-E) Design Services .