Bari Vara Agreement In Bangla Pdf

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2. The person responsible for the treatment may be appointed in any place and the general population is informed of the person responsible for the treatment and its powers and obligations. The essence of this act is to control the rent of the house, but controllers are missing everywhere. But where is the application of this provision! Today, landlords charge more for monthly rent at the time of the landlord-tenant tenancy agreement. Tenants in the city of Dhaka are required to give the landlord a higher rent. Tenants suffer, like the shuttle of a weaving machine, to move from house to house. 4. Owner`s name – the address and apartment for rent can be registered so that the government can determine if necessary. 5. The government or the manager may grant a specific form of contract for the contract between the lessor and the tenant, so that the lessor cannot impose an unreasonable condition in the form of the contract. Ananaya Sarmin, a blind government employee, lives in a building with her blind husband and two sisters in Mirpur. One day, the owner told him to live the house for no reason next month.

“Why are we going and where?” asked Ananaya to the owner. “There is no reason. This is my house. So I don`t have to explain why,” the owner replied. So Ananaya had to look for another building, even though she`s a helpless blind girl. But it is not easy to find a suitable home in the city of Dhaka. She finally found a house on the 5th floor where there is no elevator, gas and well ventilation system. My question is where is justice for this blind woman! 3. If some tenants do not pay the current month`s rent, the landlord can get the tenant out. However, the way in which the landlord leases the landlord, which the landlord has not paid, cannot be indicated in the deed: 4. Sections 15 and 18 (6) are at odds.

Section 15 states that the rent is determined by the helmsman and that Section 18 (6) stipulates that the tenancy, which is determined by the tenant and landlord, is rent. How is that possible? That is why it should be changed. It is not enough to change the law. 2. Today, the rate of electricity and gas is greatly increased, but it is not mentioned in the deed whether the owners will increase their rent or not, in this situation; Without them, they have no other way.